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Since I last made an appearance on this sorely neglected blog, Nicholas has had his first (real) haircut. He went to Melonheads, just like his big brother, and sat in an airplane seat while Thomas sat in a Thomas the Tank Engine chair nearby.

More importantly, last week Nicholas celebrated his first birthday. The party was lots of fun. Baba and Grandpa and Auntie Evelyn were all there, Grandma joined us by Skype, and the birthday boy was in fine spirits. He was delighted with all his presents, including the Fisher Price house that Dave and I bought for him. He spent a lot of time just going back and forth through the little door to the amusement of all the grownups. Sadly, many of the other features didn’t work properly. For example, hitting the doorbell produced some weird garbled music and random noises. So, after the cake was eaten and the guests had gone home, Dave was at Toys ‘R Us half an hour before closing, exchanging the fully-assembled dud of a playhouse for a new one in a box. Which he then put together in a state of exhaustion so the boys could wake up to their new toy none the wiser.

Here’s the highlight reel, plus the picture of the haircut again, which for some reason WordPress won’t let me exclude from the slideshow.

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